Bulgaris Philanthropic Initiative

by Alana Bonzi

bulgari-pendantHow of ten do you give a simple gesture to your loved ones and to the community?

What better way to do it than with exquisitely designed and crafted jewelry, and a story that honors the past and rewrites the future.

This year marks Bulgari’s 125th anniversary, and the Group has embarked on an ambitious international project with Save the Children (NGO) to Rewrite the Future of 8 million children in conflict areas.

Francesco Trapani, CEO of the Bulgari Group, said: “We want to be a part of the history, and help change it by giving less fortunate people the possibility of a new future. This is the best possible way to celebrate our 125-year anniversary. Bulgari has made it our initiative to, along with Save the Children, promote and develop quality education for children throughout the world. I am convinced that, thanks to the help of both our customers and Save the Children supporters, we will succeed in achieving—and hopefully in exceeding—the ambitious target we have set for ourselves.”

That target is to raise 10 million euros by the end of 2009. So far Bulgari has donated 1 million euros. On May 22nd at Rome’s Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Bulgari will open their first retrospective exhibition, “Between Eternity and History,” and unveil a special collection of 11 pieces of High Jewelry and eight limited-edition timepieces valued at 3 million euros, to be auctioned in New York in December with proceeds donated to Rewrite the Future.

Bulgari has also introduced limited edition silver rings and a silver pendant for ¥39,900, which includes a donation of ¥7,600 to Rewrite the Future.