Cutting Edge Perfection

by Pablo Kuntz
kitchenknivesKitchen Knives: Beauty and Precision
With over 2,000 years of history, it’s no wonder Japan boasts so many iconic symbols. Japanese kitchen knives embody the spirit of the time honored, hands-on creative process that also served Samurai sword makers. They are a joy to work with and will become beloved kitchen tools in your home for years to come.

Japanese knives are universally renowned for their precision and exceptional craftsmanship, experts say. Unique Japan’s collection of knives comes from Takefu, a city with more than 700 years of experience in knife and sword making. Knives are carefully hand-forged, hammered, balanced and sharpened over several days, using traditional techniques that even the most famous mass-produced Japanese knives don’t adhere to.

yanagibaEach kitchen knife is a true work of art, each with its own unique character, celebrated for its precision in both form and function. You can also personalize your knives with an engraving of your choice in Katakana or Kanji characters.

Meaning “willow blade”, the Yanagiba is a long, thin knife used in sushi restaurants the world over. The Yanagiba is valued for its capacity to cut the finest slices of sashimi and raw fish.

One defining characteristic of the Yanagiba is its single-edged blade, allowing razor-thin slices to fall easily from the knife without affecting the shape of the seafood being cut.

The Nakiri-bocho is a thin, rectangular shaped knife that specializes in vegetables. The Nakiribocho is fashioned in such a way that it cuts all the way to the chopping board with little pushing or pulling effort.

As a result, vegetables can be chopped, diced, and sliced while maintaining the fiber of the food. Thanks to Nakiri-bocho’s exceptional precision, cucumbers can be sliced so thin the pieces are translucent.

The Santoku-bocho is a magnificent multipurpose knife that is an all-around beauty. The word Santoku loosely translates as “three virtues” or “three uses,” a reference to the three cutting tasks the knife performs so well: chopping, dicing, and mincing. If you only bought one knife for the kitchen, this surely would be it. They are available in both Hammertone and Damascus patterns.

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