by Thomas Bourneville
pokenWhen was the last time you were wondering what’s the name of that person you met at a party?

Chronologically recording the people you meet with and connect in the real world, POKEN delivers on the fun, convenience and secure means of social networking.
Derived from the words poke, as in poking someone to get their attention—a familiar application on Facebook—and token, this trendy little electronic key ring is your eco-friendly social business card.

Easy to use, with no installation or preregistration required, this cute little gadget comes in a variety of hip designs: ninja, geisha, panda, voodoo doll, Martian, bumblebee, rock star, and so-on.

pokenTo connect, you simply do a “high-four” with the two pokens’ little hands; when properly aligned a magnetic pull is felt and data is communicated.

This lasts about one or two seconds and the pokens’ palms glow green to indicate a successful connection. In case there has been an error, it glows red and you simply high four them again for a few seconds.

The data is transferred to an online poken database, which isn’t another social network. Instead, it gathers and distributes details of newfound friends to existing networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Since users might want to connect with someone without immediately sharing their entire social identity, they can switch to Ghost Mode by clicking a button on the poken. This allows users to reveal a limited amount of personal details before making a full connection online.

In short, poken is a funky, easy way to remove social networking clutter, stay in touch and manage your connections over time.

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POKEN—the social networking keychain bridging the gap between people you meet in the real world and those you stay connected to online.

For more information: www.poken.jp www.doyoupoken.com