Best of Noga

by Simon Farrell

pokenAfter a slight lull in the storm this year, Japan’s trance community is bracing itself for a new wave of electronic mayhem.

The man at the center of it all is none other than Ziki Bar, who exploded onto the Japanese electronic dance music scene with his Tower Records and HMV best-selling album Tokyo-Tel Aviv series and his last album Eliminator 2.

Ziki is among those who pioneered the sound billed as Psy-Trance that started to evolve back in the mid 1990s from the European movement rooted in Goa. It was early 2000 when the more commercial sound of Psy-Trance caught the imagination of a new generation of electronic dance music lovers in Japan, quickly turning minor gatherings at dingy raves into veritable cauldrons of pounding anthems fueled by thousands of hungry-for-more partiers.

Ziki’s record label, Noga Records, represents some of the most creative talents on the Psy-Trance scene, including Sesto Sento, Gataka, Vibe-Tribe, System-Nipel, Ananda-Shake and more.

wifm_autumn09_low-27Noga’s mandate is to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible while respecting the true spirit of the Psy-Trance sound: unapologetic major sound of melody, vocals, and top quality of sound

Ziki is all prepared for his next album “OutStanding” in early 2010 and with certain high-profile collaborations, such as the recent remix with Mitsumoto Hideyuki AkA “ZikiMoto” to Utada Hikaru-“Travling”, the man will be appeasing the masses in Mexico and South Korea, where the demand for his presence on stage has reached fever pitch

Don’t miss him in Kansai and Aichi tours before the end of 2009.