We Love Daruma!

by Pablo Kuntz
We Love Daruma!
Aspire, focus and achieve with this traditional Japanese doll.

Guardian of hopes, dreams and wishes, a Daruma doll may also be the most meaningful and motivational gift in the world. The centuries-old Daruma tradition is positive, constructive and inspirational. First, think of something special you wish to achieve. Next, draw or paint one of Daruma doll’s blank eyes. Place the Daruma somewhere visible, so that as it focuses on the objective, you’ll be reminded to do the same. Once the goal is realized, signify the accomplishment by drawing Daruma’s other eye. Congratulations!

Each “We Love Daruma” doll is hand painted and is very ecofriendly— made with recycled paper and water-based paints. A trademark heart is specially painted on the back of each Daruma to give the owner the option of writing down his or her wish after it has come true. Furthermore, for each Daruma doll sold, Unique Japan will donate a portion of the revenue to charity.

We Love Daruma dolls come in a variety of colors, each symbolizing a different type of goal:
• Red for luck and good fortune
• Purple for health and longevity
• Yellow for security and protection
• Gold for wealth and prosperity
• White for love and harmony

wifm_autumn09_low-97A special pink Daruma doll is planned to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

Meet the Daruma Kids!

Inspired by the traditional Daruma, the We Love Daruma initiative has also developed an original character brand called the Daruma Kids, aimed at those aged 3-7. The Daruma Kids are five colorful, energetic friends named Blaze, Carly, Dharma, Ollie and Rich. Through their adventures, they discover the power of setting goals to achieve their dreams. They inspire us to create our own dreams and never give up on them.

To learn more about the adorable Daruma Kids and the We Love Daruma campaigns visit: www.darumakids.com