Swords of the Samurai

by Pablo Kuntz
Swords of the SamuraiHonor and pride inspire generations

Samurai warriors were the elite of four classes of Japanese society, along with farmers, craftsmen and merchants, to all of whom they brought security.

Samurai is a derivative of saburau, the verb for service, and means “one who is a servant” such as to a feudal lord. Samurai were inspired by bushido (the way of the warrior), the code that dictated their behavior. The fundamental virtues of bushido consisted of loyalty to the emperor, feudal lord (daimyo), nation and yourself.

A family’s second son was often born into a life of warfare, as the first son took care of the household. As part of his training, a samurai warrior considered it his foremost concern to keep death in mind at all times to fulfill the ways of loyalty and familial duty.

Samurai used several key weapons, including the most famous katana (sword) that they viewed as their soul, without which they were powerless. Even today, it remains the supreme symbol of the samurai.

Sources: Parts of this article are quoted from The Book of the Samurai by Stephen Turnbull, and suite101.com by Steve DeVault, and hersheystory.org by Doug Wilson.


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