Product Review: The Groom

by Jun Igarashi
Dyson makes cleaning your dog a pleasure Dyson makes cleaning your dog a pleasure — for both you and your pet!

We’ve all thought about vacuuming our pet dogs to clean them, but now you can — with Dyson’s new “Groom” attachment. The multiple award-winning UK manufacturer rolled out to the Japanese media in October its latest innovative product.

18International Support Engineer Martin Peek told WIFM that Dyson thrives on solving people’s everyday problems. “Frustrations and irritants inspire us to develop innovative products,” he told WIFM. “We analyzed how humans brush dogs. The team spent a year and a half to create the same effect as a regular grooming brush but with the added convenience of mess-free vacuum grooming.”

Motivation to develop the Groom also came from the many dog owners at Dyson’s HQ in Malmesbury, southwest England, a country renowned for its animal welfare.

Dog trainer Dai Suzaki showed journalists how the Groom fits neatly on Dyson DC26 models — and on most other Dyson vacuum cleaners — to quickly and harmlessly suck up hair, dead skin and allergens.

Another reason Dyson marketed the Groom was that 60% of respondents to a survey of pet owners said they were fed up with hair from pets falling on floors and furniture. And one of the biggest fears of dog owners is allergies caused by fallen hair and dead skin.

The Groom could become an important tool in Japan as some local authorities here have rules to outlaw owners from letting their pets’ hair fall in parks, public spaces and even on private balconies due to the allergy risk is poses.

19Suzaki said “Grooming relaxes dogs but you should let them get used to it gradually. When we groom dogs it helps them secrete hormones that decrease stress.”

Certainly, Suzaki’s golden retriever Tiara looked content and calm at the media event, even with the bright lights on her.

The Groom — which features a stainless-steel brush and adjustable power — best suits dogs with medium- to long-hair coats, but can be used on all sizes, although it is not fit for cats or other pets.

Dyson Groom
¥7,350 (extension hose ¥2,625)
Fits Dyson DC models 12, 22, 24 and 26

DC26 Motorhead Pet Care
¥94,800 (including the Groom tool)