WINTER 2011: From the Publisher

by Simon Farrell
We’ve made RIJ our 2011 CSR Project

It’s easy to neglect the many worthy causes in faraway lands when you live in a modern, busy city with its own economic and social ills. When Custom Media — publishers of WIFM — considers partnering with a CSR project we look long and hard at candidates and conduct some thorough due diligence. In January, we found the perfect fit.

Independent not-for-profit organization Refugees International Japan (RIJ) raises funds to help destitute victims of war and conflict. Tokyo-based and staffed by keen volunteers from Japan and around the world, RIJ operates by channeling funds generated by projects through respected and experienced organizations that help desperate refugees in the field.

This means the cash goes direct to the needy and deserving and is not trousered by some tin pot dictator’s extended family, exploited by a questionable political cause, nor squandered by a pen-pushing jobsworth; neither are hefty “administration charges” creamed off by dodgy outfits masquerading as NPOs.

I was delighted to be approached to advise RIJ on how we could help. By rebranding, redesigning and editing its key marketing collateral pro bono over the next year and beyond, our brief is to help RIJ attract more donors and help raise its profile. And just because we are doing this for free does not mean we will drop our standards — unlike some others in this field, we will give RIJ the same high level of attention, time and expertise as our revenue-earning projects.

There are many ways people can help and RIJ is always looking for volunteers. Here is their website if you’d like to know more:


Simon Farrell