SUMMER 2011: From the Publisher

by Simon Farrell
Round the World in 40 Pages

To mark the annual exodus of pleasure-seekers from Japan, WIFM entices readers of this issue with an eclectic array of sublime destinations, featuring mountains, beaches, countryside and cities on three continents.

Among the frequent travelers is Noriko Yamaguchi, whose images have decorated the pages of Japan’s most famous travel, fashion and lifestyle magazines for many years. I asked her to pick four of her favorite places with contrasting themes and believe you’ll agree she came up with some spectacular results in our cover story.

Saipan is a long-time favorite, but how many guests leave their comfortable resort for a day trip to taste some local culture and cuisine? Rob Gilhooly did, and stumbled on a fascinating melting pot of people and places on page 20.

And keeping up with China’s fast pace of change is Catherine Shaw, who revisited Shanghai (page 30) to see where a very special part of that historic city is heading.

But if you’re staying in Japan, there’s always the ever-popular Evergreen Outdoor Center in Nagano for a slower pace, cooler air and fun activities that only the countryside can offer (page 23).

Simon Farrell