WIFM`s Top 12 Apps for 2011

by Catherine Shaw
Top Apps 2011 With more than 300,000 iPhone applications at your fingertips, finding the best ones can be slightly daunting. The following is a focused selection of tried and tested favorites, in no particular order.

Zuti transforms travels around Tokyo thanks to its practical information on transport (times of trains, telephone numbers of airports, etc.) and an easy-touse subway map that shows the best route from one train station to another. Routes may be tailored to the quickest or fewest changes preferred.

Tokyo Art beat puts an end to scouring the papers for the most up-to-date art exhibitions around the capital. It has “most popular” and “nearby” listings—the latter handily searches for what’s on in close proximity to your current location—ideal for filling in a free hour or two. Alternatively, search by area or browse the site across a wide selection of arts from illustration and graphics to prints and photography. Useful information such as hours of operation, access and ticket prices are provided. MuPon is the perfect accompanying app offering money-saving digital coupons for a variety of Tokyo Art Beat’s shows.

The Analogue Digital Clock, created by Dutch designer Maarten Baas and popular with design aficionados, shows a virtual painter hand-painting the numbers in the clock as time passes. The fascinating performance is strangely absorbing.

Top Apps 2011 Quakewatch is a reliable source of up-to-the-minute information on quakes around the world. Information is divided into the latest, biggest and closest.

Gift List mixes good manners with technology with a handy reminder of who gave you what present and whether you’ve written the thank you note. It is handily linked to your iPhone contacts listing and an image can be attached as the perfect reminder of that pink sweater your aunt lovingly knitted for your last birthday. It even offers a convenient quick link to email with key gift details already included.

I love Travel Packing creates a new packing list for various destinations including a handy “to do” checklist (from photocopying documents to recharging batteries) and an “essentials” packing list (from toiletries to medical/health items).